Strategies for Playing the Typical Pick 5 Lotto Game

There are all sorts of lotto games from which to choose. No matter the game, playing can quickly become boring or discouraging when you don’t win. The typical pick 5 game is no exception. Pick 5 games involve choosing five numbers from a pool. The pool could be 25 numbers all the way up to 60 or more. If you are not winning at pick 5 games, here are few strategies you can use to improve your odds.

Players can use a few different number selection techniques to better their chances of getting a win. The first is to consider the ratio of high numbers to low numbers. If the pick 5 game uses 46 numbers, for example, there are 22 numbers below #23, the midpoint, and a similar set of numbers greater than the midpoint. It would make sense when choosing numbers to have a mix of either two high/three low or three high/two low.

This same thinking can be applied to even and odd numbers. To have the best chance at success, you should choose a combination of two odd numbers and three even numbers or three odds and two evens. It is highly unlikely that five even numbers or five odd numbers will be chosen as the winners.

You can also study the different groups of numbers to get a better idea of which to play. In any given set of winning numbers, there will be a group of numbers not represented. For example, there may be a set of winners that have no numbers from 10 to 20. That could be valuable information as you choose for the next game.