Winning Lotto Tips

There are many different theories behind how to win at lotto games. While there is a little bit of luck involved, there are some strategies that one can implement to become a lotto winner. One of the strategies that most will agree upon is to join a lotto syndicate. Playing in a group with others only increases your chances for winning. Pooling resources as a group allows you to buy more tickets, which gives you a greater chance at a jackpot.

When playing six-number games, try to avoid having all numbers under 31. This is basically telling players to avoid playing just birthdays. While the numbers are not guaranteed losers, the problem is that so many other players will also play numbers based on birthdays and anniversaries. If you happen to hit a winning combination with these numbers, you are most surely going to be sharing a pot with several winners. Imagine being notified that you have won a jackpot of $1 million, but you have to share it with several other winners.

Another tip for players in a typical six-number lotto game is to realize that the most probable result is to have a three even numbers and three odd numbers. In fact, this occurs roughly one-third (33.5 percent) of the time. If you factor in the combinations that have two even numbers and four odds or four evens and two odds, you will have covered 81 percent of all winning combinations. Use these tips when selecting lotto combinations for the best possible chance at winning.